Manoholism: As Bad as Any Other “ISM”

Can’t stop thinking about HIM?
I work with so many young women in early recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol…and the very first thing they do when they stop drinking and drugging is focus their attention on a BOY!
Seeking validation…as they have no sense of self! No Self Esteem, No Self Confidence, No idea who THEY really are! No sense of what they want, what they need.
This is a serious issue for young (and older, frankly) women!
Too many times will we wrap ourselves up and around a man in early recovery…and we aren’t healthy enough to make good choices.
Healthy attracts Healthy; Unhealthy attracts Unhealthy!!
BUILD yourself!! Fill yourself up with YOU…then we can begin to attract a man worthy of US!

Dubious Luxury

Resentments…are not our friend!! They may be the dubious luxury of others, but not for us!! I know when I am in resentment, because my head spins. Round and round and round it goes..where it will stop, nobody knows!! I am so Thankful that I have tools today to let go of my resentments. I ALWAYS have a part when I am feeling “spun” by something I can’t control. If I want any serenity at all, I MUST take action toward a solution, then LET IT GO!!!

Beautiful Day to be Sober in Carlsbad!!!

Sober Living

April 4, 2011

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I am so Grateful as this day comes to a close…lots of fantastic women choosing sobriety today!! Laughing, crying, irritable…walking through it without a drink or a drug! And the bonus is…No hangover tomorrow, no guilt, no shame or remorse. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Practicing Acceptance today in La Costa

Sober Living

March 31, 2011

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Have you ever had one of those days where you feel burdened ALL DAY LONG?? The phone rings and you just look at it, raise an eyebrow, and think to yourself  “Really??”

I could really take a day like that and turn it into many days like that IF I pick up a drink. Sooo, for today…I am in ACCEPTANCE and GRATITUDE that I get to go to sleep tonight (not pass out) and wake up to a new day tomorrow!

Sober day=Hope