day client

The "La Costa Solutions for Women" - Day Client

It is a transition coming out of treatment back into the environment we came from. We may not be ready to return to work/school, as we need to build a solid foundation in our Recovery Program before we can mainstream back into life!

The Day Client Program works wonderfully for the woman that is needed at home for children. We individualize the structure of her program/day to fit the needs of herself and her family. 

For $40.00 a day, you will receive the same amenities and structure as a Full Time Client.

Check in: 8:15 a.m. - ? p.m.

Amenities: Same as Full Time Client (see amenities)
Overnights as needed:

1) Parent or Spouse out of town
2) Need a Break from Environment

Suggested: Day Client paired with:

1) Intensive Out Patient Program
2) Aftercare
3) Outside Sponsor
4) Therapy as indicated 

1) Accountability
2) Structure
3) Fellowship
4) Transparency
5) Support 

Husbands and Parents go about their daily lives worry free!!

Please call or e-mail for more information!

We truly care about your needs and do everything we can to give you a wonderful environment for your health, wellness and journey to sobriety.