Patti Hopkins and La Costa Solutions for women have given me hope again.  My sister has struggled with her recovery.  But Patti has been there for us.  She truly “gets it – the disease, the issues and the solution” Patti has advocated for my sister tirelessly as part of the solution, not part of the problem.    I am hopeful that my sister will be able to maintain sobriety now that she has lived at La Costa Solutions and is doing so well. In addition, Patti has been a source of support and wisdom for me.  I am grateful.

Kathleen CM

Living at LCS gave me the environment I needed to prioritize my sobriety journey. The home is beautiful (my older daughter refers to it as "the mansion") & homey/ comfortable. Patti provides all the creature comforts to help you settle right in (blankets, 2 fireplaces, spa, 24/7 coffee, multiple TV rooms, plenty of food, etc.) The real difference is Patti. She is so passionate about sobriety & the women living in the house. She is a huge part of my recovery.

Cara M.

I lived at La Costa Solutions for Women because it granted me the support, the safety, the ambiance, the mentorship and the compassion I so badly needed in early recovery. Patti and Susan are both in recovery and are fabulous role models for living the 12 step life-style daily. (Happy, joyous and free ~~ just like the Big Book promises) In addition to the professionalism I witnessed consistently, the physical house and grounds are lovely. I felt pampered living in that environment. I, without reservation, highly recommend La Costa Solutions for Women.

Kimberly C.

La Costa Solutions for Women was a perfect setting for my re-entry into sobriety. The home and grounds are lovely. The camaraderie with the other women in the home was a tremendous help in, first, breaking me out of my isolation and, second, supporting me in my sobriety. The owner of the home, also a recovering alcoholic, is very strong in her program and an inspiration to maintain sobriety. Although I only stayed here for 30 days, the atmosphere and the friends that I’ve made were and are instrumental to my sobriety. Also, their strong emphasis on AA attendance, follow up on sponsor contact and steps progress have helped me gain stronger contact with the tenets of AA in order to practice them in my everyday life

Bev M

La Costa Solutions for Women provided a safe, supportive environment for me during my early recovery. The fellowship at the house was the encouragement I needed to continue and maintain my sobriety. The house provided me with needed resources and helped expand the horizons of my Spirituality. I will always be grateful for what everyone there has provided me.


La Costa Solutions for Women has been nothing short of a Godsend to me. The House provides a comfortable and nurturing environment in which I can continually grow in my recovery. It is my safe haven in a world that is otherwise difficult to adjust to in early sobriety. I use this house as an opportunity to focus on finding my authentic self, so that my goal of living a fulfilling life free from my addiction can be achieved.


I have been a client at LCS for 90 days. Before this, I was a Day Client for 30 days. The home- and I mean “home” is a wonderful, positive and loving place to build your foundation for your new life to begin.

Cynthia C.

La Costa Solutions for Women has aided me immensely through Recovery. It has given me the tools necessary for healthy sobriety. The house offers a safe environment that I feel has comfortably helped my recovery and transition to a sober way of life.


Living at La Costa Solutions for Women has been an amazing experience. Coming from out of state, they immediately took me under their wing. Taking me to Meetings and showing me how they stay sober! I have never been engulfed with so much love, hope and happiness. This is my home. These women are my sisters. I have become so close to the women, which isn’t normal for me. I’m finding out who I am and what a wonderful life I get to live today. If I didn’t have La Costa Solutions for Women, I would be so lost.
I’m forever thankful and can’t describe all my gratitude I have for this life saving chance. I will always cherish this home and all of my memories.